We will discuss the objective of today’s article later. Now we are going to discuss a little bit about the animated game Fortnite. So, generally, Fortnite was an IOS game. Fortnite is the most popular animated battleground game among youngsters and teenagers as well. There are two games which were a competitor to each other, one is Fortnite and another one is PUBG. In our opinion, Fortnite is a more exciting game due to its unexpected and enjoyable missions. Fortnite gives you some weakly missions to complete and earn different rewards. The previous mission of Fortnite is to dance in front of no dancing signs. Now the mission is to destroy no dancing sings. Here you will get the complete guide about the locations of forbidden dancing sings.

Boogie Down Fortnite Theme

This week’s challenges are yet another themed ‘Mission Bundle’ for Fortnite Season 10 / Season X. This time, the theme is ‘Boogie Down’ and taps into one of the community’s favourite past-times: Dancing. In this theme, you will face your challenge and you have to destroy no dancing sings. This is our sacred duty as a Fortnite player to destroy all the forbidden and abominations. In this mission, you have to destroy three no dancing sings but as a good gesture and retaliations, we will destroy more than three aren’t we? Now without wasting your precious time come to the pint of today’s objective.

In any case, here’s the big map with every known ‘No Dancing’ sign location:

Destroy No Dancing Sings

‘No Dancing’ Sign Location:  Northwest of Junk Junction

This one is the right near of the coast, on a small plateau northwest of junk junction. It is right next to the big metal llama.

No Dancing’ Sign Location: Between Pleasant Park and The Block

This one is up at the highest point on the mountain northeast of Pleasant Park. There’s an old Expedition Outpost nearby.

Destroy No Dancing Sings

‘No Dancing’ Sign Location: In Pressure Plant

This is up on a metal walkway on the northernmost platform of Pressure Plant.

No Dancing Sign Location: In The Center Of The Map Near The Monster Skeleton

This location is the nucleus of the map, the area you’re most likely to have a Team Rumble in basically. Near the monster skeleton, Dusty Divot and so forth. It’s up on one of the ledges on the tall, spindly mountain in the middle of the plain.

Destroy No Dancing Sings

‘No Dancing’ Sign Location: On A Mountain Southeast Of Paradise Palms

The mountain in question is southeast of Paradise Palms and southwest of John Wick’s mansion. There are cacti and chests around it.

Destroy No Dancing Sings

No Dancing’ Sign Locations: In The Snow Biome In The Southwestern Corner Of The Map

Both these locations are very close, which could be handy in solving this challenge. You could kill two birds with one stone. The only problem is that they’re not really by anything else. The closest Named Location is Frosty Flights, but even that’s a bit of a trek.

There are some other locations which I have seen you can read them below

  • A broken sign lying down on the floating island.
  • one on the ridge above Frosty Flights.
  • on on the north side of Retail Row.
  • one behind the Viking longhouse in the Viking Village.
  • There’s another one by the old clock in Junk Junction.
  • and one more in the abandoned Hero Mansion.

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