Florida to take Biden administration to trial over immigration parole program

Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody is set to take President Joe Biden’s administration to trial in federal court over the planned expansion of the immigration parole system.

Florida’s lawsuit comes as the Biden administration expanded the federal parole system as part of its plan to expand “safe, orderly and humane treatment” for illegal aliens. This expansion would allow an additional 30,000 migrants from Venezuela, Haiti, Cuba, and Nicaragua to remain in the United States.

As Just the News reported:

Biden made the announcement after a record 68,044 Cubans and Nicaraguans and 6,232 Venezuelans were apprehended in November illegally entering the United States, according to CBP data; and after more than 600,000 foreign nationals from around the world were apprehended or evaded capture in November and December 2022 combined, and a record 3.3 million were apprehended in fiscal year 2022.

Moody’s office claimed that the state has “uncovered evidence that Biden is ignoring public safety immigration laws that allow more than 1 million unsupervised, inadmissible immigrants into the interior.”

The upcoming trial “will once again demonstrate that the Biden administration threatens the safety of Americans by intentionally weakening our nation’s border security,” Moody’s office continued.

“These policies are harming Florida. The Biden administration is releasing tens of thousands of migrants at the border every month,” attorneys for Moody’s office wrote in an amended version of the lawsuit filed in August. “Many of these migrants are arriving or will arrive in Florida, harming the state’s quasi-sovereign interests and forcing it to incur millions of dollars in expenses.”

In a statement Thursday, Moody criticized Biden’s “irresponsible” immigration policies for putting “Americans at risk.”

Moody said:

Since taking office, President Biden has willfully dismantled public safety immigration structures, allowed chaos to reign at our nation’s southwest border, and allowed uncontrolled, inadmissible immigrants—along with dangerous individuals and deadly drugs like fentanyl—into our country. Biden’s actions are beyond irresponsible and put Americans at risk. Now, because of our lawsuits, the president must defend his reckless actions and refusal to follow the law in a federal courtroom.

However, lawyers for the US Department of Justice (DOJ) argued in an October filing that the federal government has discretion over immigration policy and argued that Florida is asking US District Judge T. Kent Wetherell II to “anticipate discretionary decisions by the Department of Homeland” Certainty about how one enforces immigration law most effectively.”

“This Court should decline Florida’s invitation to undermine the principles of federalism and separation of powers upon which the American constitutional system is based,” the DOJ document continued.

Judge Wetherell of the Northern District of Florida Pensacola Division is scheduled to begin the trial on Monday.

The thing is Florida vs. USANo. 3:21-cv-1066-TKW-ZCB, in the US District Court for the Northern District of Florida.

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