Fire Emblem Engage Opening Movie and Title Screen appear online

The opening title sequence for Fire Emblem Engage has been shown online, with fans noting how it doubles down on the anime aesthetic and vibes.

The title screen and opening sequence to Fire Emblem Engage has recently surfaced online, with fans noting how it doubles down on the anime vibes of the theme song. This video shows the new characters introduced in this game, along with the Emblem Rings, and how they relate to the game’s premise. With Fire Emblem Engage now, just a few weeks after its release, fans have been given a lot of pre-launch information regarding some key aspects of the game and story.


Gaming press and other YouTube content creators have been given early access and previews of the game before its launch, and many have posted their findings on the game. This ranges from playing the opening hours to playing some of the Fire Emblem Engagetheir film sequences. Dutch YouTube channel N1-UP also got a hands-on preview of the game, with a set of videos showing some of the gameplay. One of the most notable videos posted on the channel is the opening, which features a theme song sung in English.

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The video features both male and female versions of Alear, meaning that this opening will always appear regardless of the player’s choice. The opening starts with a shot of Alear going down in flames, before grabbing a ring, which then shows off four of its playable characters. This includes Alfred, Diamant, Timerra, and Ivy, all of which are representative of the nations in Fire Emblem Engageits continent. Fans noticed that the English lyrics in particular match the geography and character descriptions when they appear as well.

The video continues, with Alear joining their four new companions as they continue their adventure, before cutting to a scene where Lumera, Alear’s mother, joins them in a chamber. Rings of light then surround Alear, showing flashes between their present and past, teasing how Alear was possibly evil and caused much destruction in the past. It then cuts to a quick sequence of the characters all fighting, with all five characters about to face off against the Fell Dragon.

The final shot has Alear raise the emblem ring to the sky before falling to the ground as the theme fades. The title screen is similarly low-key, with Alear calling out the title of the game, along with a slowly circulating pan around an inner chamber. Fans noted that the game’s English theme song went for a higher-energy anime opening vibe, while a version heard in one of the Japanese commercials is slower and more somber, possibly a version saved for the end credits.

Fire Emblem Engage will be released on January 20 for the Nintendo Switch.

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