Dissolving fat is an injectable procedure intended to target and melt away stubborn fat pockets on the body. How it functions is that Aqualyx is a chemically modified compound solution from the deoxycholate family and, by producing a sugar-based slow-release mechanism, the biological half-life is shortened resulting in minimal side effects.

The Benefits Of Going For Professional Fat Dissolving Injections Southall Services

  • It usually works in a series of quick treatments.
  • It is FDA-approved and safe procedure.
  • The treatment involves no downtime.
  • The outcomes are permanent.
  • It is minimally invasive and non-surgical.
  • You can have it done in the comfort and luxury.

Is The Treatment Painful?

Generally speaking, the treatment is not painful and most patients experience 1–3 degrees of pain on a scale of 1–10 (10 being serious). The treatment is combined with a local anaesthetic to reduce the pain as the expert dissolves the resistant regions of fat further.

Is Treatment Safe?

In the UK, Aqualyx is sold and distributed only by medical professionals. So far, over 2 million therapies worldwide have created no significant untreatable side effects. No single overdose incident or toxic effects were reported.

In addition, fat dissolving injections Southall have a significant potential benefit in that the active ingredient (deoxycholic acid) is released slowly over 2–3 weeks after injection. This helps improve safety while minimizing side effects.

What Happens After Fat Dissolving Injection?

In the place where the expert removes the fat for a few weeks, you will get inflammation and redness. It starts to stabilize after a couple of days and normally goes away in 3–4 weeks. You may have some pain but typically this is not serious. You can expect a little bruising. Around 1 in 5 patients get a feeling of numbness in the region being treated, which in all cases disappears after a few weeks or months.

For the initial 5 days, you shouldn’t work out and some people notice that gentle compression wear benefits in non-facial care areas. A low-calorie diet can help make fat dissolving injections Southall more effective. A healthy lifestyle allows for long-term benefits. Following 4–6 weeks for examination, the doctor will see you again, and consider further treatment.

How Quickly Will You See Results?

Aqualyx fat dissolving provides a drop-in fat deposit that can typically be seen after only one application, but for the optimum result between three and eight sessions. Based on the stability of the cell membranes, the level at which tests are seen can vary; younger patients are more likely to get results after a longer period. Outcomes can differ from patient to patient, and from case to age.

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