Disney Dreamlight Valley Fan is creating a collection of dresses based on all the characters in the game

A Disney Dreamlight Valley player shows off the dresses they’ve made based on all the villagers that can be encountered in the game.

ONE Disney Dreamlight Valley fan created a series of dresses that are based on the different characters seen in the game. The life sim has a large number of customization options, allowing players to stamp their personalities into their village. Disney Dreamlight Valley players can design their character, homes and more in any way they want.

One of the main areas of Disney Dreamlight Valley that can be customized are outfits. Players can add patterns and motifs to their clothing, allowing them to create unique ensembles. There is a lot of freedom when designing clothes, especially for those with good amounts of inspiration and creativity.


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A Redditor named LadyAerlynn shared 21 dresses that they made in Disney Dreamlight Valley. The outfits are based on all the villagers currently in the game, ranging from characters like Mickey Mouse to Scar from The Lion King. LadyAerlynn has been working on the collection for a few weeks now, and was able to pair each dress with one of the companions that players may have following them around. The outfits look amazing, and do a great job of capturing the mood and look of each character.

More photos of the dresses that LadyAerlynn made can be seen on their official Reddit post.

LadyAerlynn’s collection has gained a number of fans who love the look of all the dresses. One commenter stated that they have not tried the customization aspect of Disney Dreamlight Valley yet, but they are now inspired to try it out. Many fans asked for tutorials on how to make the dresses, and LadyAerlynn mentioned that they can be found on her YouTube channel. There was also a player who addressed that fact Disney Dreamlight Valley need the ability to share custom works, which will allow players to get patterns and outfits from creators. The dresses are beautiful and are a good demonstration of what players can achieve in life sim.

LadyAerlynn has made quite a few dresses in Disney Dreamlight Valley except for the 21 outfits they showed off. They’ve also created ensembles based on characters not yet in the game, as well as Christmas-themed pieces for New Years, Halloween, and more. According to the user, most of their time playing the game has been spent creating dresses for their avatar to wear. Hopefully LadyAerlynn will continue to create such impressive outfits as players Disney Dreamlight Valley can enjoy, especially when new content falls for the title.

Disney Dreamlight Valley is currently available for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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