Disabled teenager died with maggots on his body due to alleged parental neglect

  • A disabled teenager has died after her parents allegedly abandoned her in a condition ‘not fit for animals’.
  • Kaylea Titford, 16, a wheelchair user with spina bifida, was forced to urinate on the floor, a court heard.
  • Her father, Alun Titford, is convicted of manslaughter by gross negligence. Her mother has pleaded guilty.

A disabled teenager has died after her parents left her in a condition “not fit for animals”, a British court heard this week.

Emergency personnel described a harrowing scene when they were called to the home of Kaylea Titford, 16, by her parents. A paramedic said the stench in the teenager’s bedroom was so intense it made him “throw up”, reports ITV News.

Titford’s body was found with flies and maggots on it, and her fingernails hadn’t been cut in six months, according to the news report.

Titford had spina bifida, a congenital spine disorder, and was a wheelchair user with minimal use of his legs. She died at age 16 in October 2020. At the time, she weighed 321 pounds, and wounds covered her lower body.

The court heard that a pathologist recorded Kaylea’s death as “inflammation and infection in extensive areas of ulceration resulting from obesity and its complications, and immobility in a girl with spina bifida and hydrocephalus,” according to The Guardian.

Her father, Alun Titford, is on trial at Mold Crown Court in Wales for manslaughter by gross negligence. He denies all charges.

Titford’s mother, Sarah Jane Lloyd-Jones, pleaded guilty to the same charge in December 2022, according to the BBC.

Prosecutor Caroline Rees KC said the teenager was living in conditions “not suitable for animals” when she died and described how the teenager had to urinate on the floor.

Prosecutors said that at the time of her death in October 2020, Kaylea was “living in conditions not fit for animals” and was forced to use “puppy pads” to go to the toilet on her urine-soaked floor.

Amidst the dirt and debris in the teenager’s bedroom, there were numerous takeaway food boxes, a deep fryer and McDonald’s packaging, the court heard.

Rees KC told the court that Alan Titford “lived in the same house as Kaylea during the period she was living in that degrading condition and he did absolutely nothing about it,” reports ITV news.

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