Destiny 2 titles disappear after latest update

Destiny 2 titles disappear after latest update

The latest update in Destiny 2 causes a major bug that removes titles like Triumphs and Accolades from player profiles.

A serious bug has been discovered after the last one Fate 2 Weekly update, causing some players to lose some of the triumphs they have spent many hours earning. This bug has been seen as disruptive enough for Bungie to include Fate 2 offline to implement a solution.

The weekly reset in Fate 2 incorrectly marks players’ awards as incomplete, backtracks progress on Seals and Triumphs, resets exotic weapon catalyst progress, and causes other issues. Fate 2 players are reporting on various social media and forums that they are encountering an error that reverses the completion of some triumphs and counts other errors; they show up as “recently completed” even when previously redeemed.


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The Bungie Help, Fate 2, and Destiny2Team Twitter accounts acknowledged the issue around 12:30 PM ET, not long after the Weekly Reset went live and players began noticing issues with their awards. Bungie has since taken Fate 2 offline to fix the problem and prevent further overlapping complaints about missing Triumphs. Bungie’s social media channels have provided regular updates on the issue, but at the time of writing, Fate 2 is still offline. At approximately 4:30 PM ET, The Bungie Help Twitter account sent out an update to players saying that Fate 2 The team tested potential fixes for the issues, but the game may be down well into the night.

Players are annoyed that this error occurs, but mostly take it easy. On u/Destiny2, players are making fun of this latest edition to pass the time Fate 2 is back online. With the Bungie developers quickly acknowledging the issue and issuing regular updates since the problem started, the understandable mild annoyance that the Weekly Reset update is causing this disruption is tempered by regular communication and the hope of no permanent damage to player progress. The update at 6:00 PM ET seems to suggest that Bungie developers have tweaked the issue and are testing a fix. The tweet also states that players’ accounts will be reset to the state they were in before the hotfix was published, which should restore all earned rewards.

This Fate 2 The weekly update should bring some big changes and streamlining to the game ahead of the Lightfall DLC in February. This update will end Blue Engram introductions Fate 2 for players above the Power Level soft cap, changes to the process for crafting Exotic Glaives, and a number of other changes that are fundamental to more changes coming with Lightfall.

Fate 2 is now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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