‘Destiny 2’ players toss games as the fastest way to grind Iron Banner

The sequel to Destiny 2’s great Pickaxe emblem trading scandal is here. Albeit a little less interesting than the famous “throw the game” signifier from before. This time it’s Iron Banner, and the games being thrown require less signaling and more downright…organized apathy.

How did we get here? Here is the situation currently unfolding in Destiny 2:

  • There is a very, very good shader hidden in the second reset’s reputation slot in Iron Banner. It turns any cloth into chainmail, and it’s one of the most unique shaders I’ve seen in the game so far.
  • The problem is that the grind to reach rank 16 in the second reset is one astonishing number of games, somewhere between 60-80 I think, depending on how often you win or lose and if you maxed out your reputation multipliers.
  • At max multipliers, wins give you around 300 reputation in Iron Banner while losses give you 220. So it’s calculated that two quick mercy losses, which can take maybe 3-4 minutes, will give you 440 reputation compared to a nine minute game to gain 300 reputation. And of course, if you lose, you only get 220.
  • Therefore, players have found that if they want to grind rep and really get that shader, they can team up to lose as soon as possible, usually after a few minutes with a score of 65-0, it’s the fastest way to farm Rep. Also the more tedious way, but in terms of time efficiency, it really can’t be beat.
  • As such, there are now LFG groups looking for five other players to throw games by essentially doing nothing. Just emote and run around to not get kicked for being AFK until the other team wins the match after the first tower drop.

Of course, this reveals some problems. First, the current grind is so long and exhausting that people would rather do this than actually… play the mode. Second, there really is no mechanism to prevent this. It’s not like you just can’t give out rep on a mercy loss, as there are many lawful mercy loss, far more than illegitimate, and these people will still have their representative to at least try.

I don’t think there’s an easy fix here, and frankly, I really don’t think so should be a solution. If people want to do this mind-numbing throwing game to get to 19,000 total reps to get to the shader, I mean, go for it. It’s an even faster 300 rep for the team that beats them, so it’s not like anyone is losing.

The problems lie with the Iron Banner itself, which has been reduced to just two weeks, which is at least one too short for the amount of grinding it requires, be it weapon scrolls, a full armor set, or the emblem and shadow hidden in second reset. And with no dates as to when the second week will even be, players are worried that they might not even be able to play the next one depending on their schedule, so they’re better off just grinning now.

I’m at this point myself, but I don’t throw games. I zone out and hipfire DMT and get my hard earned losses the old fashioned way. Almost there now. Shader tomorrow, I think.

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