Dedicated Minecraft player builds a giant statue of himself in survival mode

An avid Minecraft fan shows off a giant statue they were able to create that strongly resembles them in the title’s survival mode.

ONE Minecraft the player was able to create a giant statue of himself in the game. Over the years, many players have made amazing creations in the title that show a lot of imagination. Minecraft players have crafted incredible buildings, working machines and more in the massive sandbox title.

Many Minecraft players have been able to create objects that are completely out of the box. These creations help show that there are very few limits to the game and that just about anything can be built. One player was able to create a giant statue of himself in the game Minecraft’s Survival mode.


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A Redditor known as zZzZOBRA posted photos of a statue they made in Minecraft. The structure itself is 192 blocks tall, which would make it larger than any statue in the real world. The statue depicts zZzZOBRA holding a giant diamond pickaxe and has a Nether portal on his chest. According to the user, over 20,000 blocks went into the piece. The building is incredibly impressive, and shows what a little hard work and patience can lead to Minecraft.

Minecraft statue 2

More photos of zZzZOBRA’s statue can be seen on their original Reddit post.

The statue that zZzZOBRA built has become a hit on Reddit and has nearly reached 11,000 upvotes. One commentator called the play insane and felt that it’s amazing to still see players making such unique builds despite this Minecraft’s age. One user acknowledged that building such a structure requires a lot of work, especially when it comes to the details of the face, the distinction between clothing and even the hoodie. One of the most popular aspects of the statue is the Nether portal on the chest, which has led to a number of jokes about the creator’s heart. A work like zZzZOBRA’s build is not very common and shows some ingenuity on the part of the player.

Minecraft players have shown that there are no limits to what can be built and that they will always find ways to create the unexpected. This includes a replica of the Krusty Krab from Spongebob Squarepants and giant temples torn right out of World of Warcraft. Players like zZzZOBRA help keep Minecraft alive and constantly blowing the minds of players. It shows that the game still has a lot of life in it despite being over a decade old. Fans of the title can expect even more impressive pieces as time goes on, and can look forward to all the flow of imagination as players continue to dig into the game.

Minecraft is available for mobile, PC, PS4, Switch and Xbox One.

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