Daughter of former director of national intelligence fatally stabbed man

  • The daughter of former Director of National Intelligence John Negroponte has been found guilty of murder.
  • She fatally stabbed 24-year-old Yousuf Rasmussen after a drunken argument at a home in Maryland.
  • Negroponte adopted Sophia when she was an abandoned child in Honduras.

The daughter of the first Director of National Intelligence John Negroponte has been found guilty of second-degree murder after fatally stabbing a 24-year-old man, AP reports.

Sophia Negroponte, 29, was convicted of second-degree murder by a Montgomery County jury in Maryland earlier this week after she was found guilty in the 2020 death of Yousuf Rasmussen.

According to Montgomery County State’s Attorney John McCarthy, they were both intoxicated when they had two arguments inside a Montgomery home. After the second argument, Rasmussen returned when he had left his mobile phone behind.

McCarthy states that Negroponte then “stabbed him several times, one of which was a fatal blow that cut his throat,” per the AP.

According to the Washington Post, jurors found Negroponte not guilty of first degree premeditated murder. They believe she “acted with extreme disregard for the life-threatening consequences” and “a depraved heart”.

After announcing the sentence, Montgomery County Circuit Court Judge Terrence J. McGann said Rasmussen was “taken from this earth, at a very young age with her whole life ahead of her, in such a terrible way.”

“Yousuf was a kind and gentle soul, a loving person who brought great joy to our family and his many friends in his 24 years of life. We will carry him with us forever,” Rasmussen’s family said in a statement.

Negroponte’s attorney urged the jury to recognize the amount of alcohol his client had consumed the night Rasmussen died, saying she was too intoxicated to act with intent.

According to the Post, Negroponte’s attorney David Moyse said, “alcohol permeates this case from the start; it permeates her life. It’s absolutely at the heart of what happened there that night. And that’s one of the main reasons why this is absolutely not a murderer .”

John Negroponte, 83, adopted Sophia when she was an abandoned child in Honduras, along with four other children, according to the AP.

Negroponte told reporters after the verdict, “neither the prosecution nor perhaps the jury adequately considered the complexity and mitigating circumstances of the case — Sophia’s past trauma and other factors that led to a very troubled life. She has had severe alcohol use disorder,” according to the Washington Post .

“We love and care for this young lady very, very much,” he said. “We don’t want to see her life wasted in prison.”

Sophia Negroponte faces up to 40 years in prison and will be sentenced on March 31.

President George W. Bush appointed John Negroponte as the nation’s first Director of National Intelligence in 2005.

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