COVID 19 in Australia

Covid 19 was first confirmed in late December 2019. Initially, people take it normally but after some time we listen to the multiple deaths. European and western countries suffer a lot many people died due to an unseen killer. In the panic, governments have made some decision which has no impact on it. Some countries have made a graceful decision like a proper statesman. In that context, Australia is the country which controls COVID 19 with its expertise. They succeeded to save their people and save their economy from collapse. Now we are giving you a short overview of COVID 19 in Australia. The total cases of COVID 19 in Australia are 25,746. Yes, this is a huge number of patients but listen the recovered patients are 21,345 it is extraordinary progress, isn’t it?

Deaths In Australia:

When the cases of Australia are 25,746 and the number of recovered patients is 21,345. When a government receive that kind of a huge number of patients. Most possibly the government become panic in the time of stability 652 people has been died. After that damaged government make a firm promise to save their people. Australia succeeded in their promise unexpectedly and save their people from that unseen brutal killer. Now Australia has recovered COVID 19 and their economy as well. After that, all destruction from cases Australia developed rapidly. Australia opens its gates for every person and welcome tourists and gives them every luxurious lifestyle and comfort and safety precautions.

Overview Of Australia:

Australia is a secular country. Australia didn’t own any religion, but the high rate of the religion is Christianity is approximately 70 per cent. After that, the Muslims community is 2.6 per cent in Australia. After that the percentage of atheists appears, they have no religion is approximately 28 per cent in Australia. We are giving you round off percentages of secularism in Australia.

The popular saying is Human body system is equivalent to the human society. That’s why Australia realize very early secularism is the best governance system in which money and respect circulate from the elite to the lower class this system is called trickle down. Australia has this system of care for its people. Those people who migrate to Australia from different countries is due to their discipline and their governance and friendly situation for the business. If we see the overview of the people who have succeeded in the business in Australia is approximately 100 per cent.

Business Opportunities:

According to their recent study on business migration. 12,000 millionaires have migrated to Australia since 2018 compared to the USA which registered 10,000 and Canada at 4,000. Another important point to be considered is the fact that an average Australian has become significantly wealthier compared to an average US citizen. The total wealth in Australia has grown by 83% compared to a 20% growth in the US in the last decade. As many as 10,000 high-net-worth individuals, with a personal wealth of US$1m or more, migrated to Australia in 2017 – mostly from India, China, and the UK.

So, these are the statistics of Australia. Which is most convenient for the startups. Let’s discuss the cultural setup of Australia. Australia is a combination of the different cultures of different countries because many of the people have come to Australia for work. Due to their secular system of governance, everyone feels comfortable in this country. Moreover, Australia givers every opportunity to its members.

After COVID 19 Australian peoples prefer to convert their business in a smart world means on the internet. Australia has the biggest retail online market in the world. we have an embodiment of spirit in the face of Australia on the other hand eastern countries have suffered a lot due to the lack of management and lack of knowledge and awareness.

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