Conspiracy theorists attack Jimmy Fallon’s XBB.1.5 Covid-19 song

On the January 5 episode of The Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon did a little XBB.1.5 song and dance. But many conspiracy theorists and anti-vaxxers weren’t exactly making a little romance. No, actually a Twitter account @SkowMatther actually tweeted, “Jimmy Fallon sings about XBB.1.5 being the best Covid variant yet.. This is 5th Gen Warfare.. You are under attack.” Because Fallon is who you send when you want to wage war, right?

That Twitter account referenced Fallon’s “Tiny Song” about the latest dominant Covid-19 Omicron subvariant. XBB.1.5, which can be seen in the following video:

Yep, it was clearly the attack, Fallon singing things like, “It was Alpha, then Delta, then Omicron next, but this latest variant might be the best. It is XBB.1.5, another brand of Covid-19 has arrived.” Hmm, it didn’t seem like much of an attack. All these things in the four verses are true, except perhaps that XBB.1.5 is the best. It’s actually the opposite of the best since this new Omicron subvariant is the most transmissible of all versions of severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) to date. This latest version of SARS-CoV-2 may be the “best” for the virus, but it’s no good for humans, as I recently reported for Forbes. So, did the @SkowMatthew Twitter account suggest that the virus had written the song itself?

Or maybe the attack was when he continued, “It’s a new tribe, but it’s not the same. Sounds more like Elon Musk’s baby name.” Or maybe it was when Fallon sang. “Put on the mask when you are inside a facility. It could be a robot from a “Star Wars” trilogy. After all, the words “facility” and “trilogy” don’t rhyme exactly since neither “facilogy” nor “trility.”

Otherwise, all of those verses in the song seemed pretty accurate. XBB.1.5 is somewhat similar to the name of Musk’s son, X Æ A-12. And wearing a face mask while indoors in public can help protect you and others from the spread of SARS-CoV-2, whether it’s XBB.1.5 or another version.

So what gives @SkowMatthew? Why have you called this Fallon song an attack? What kind of person would you label a warning that could help save lives and prevent suffering as a truth attack? Are you even a real person?

Ah, when you take a closer look at the bio for the @SkowMatthew account, the only thing it shows is information about the movie Died suddenly. Could this just be an anonymous account created to push the film that was able to pay the new Musk-led Twitter $8 to get a blue verification badge? In November 2022 I covered for Forbes this movie, which was basically like a giant frittata of conspiracy theories and anti-vaccination rhetoric. The film presented very little real scientific evidence behind the claims that many people have died suddenly after receiving Covid-19 vaccines. The website for the film even claimed that “the global elite have broadcast their intentions to depopulate the world.”

This Twitter account wasn’t the only one to react strongly to Fallon’s song and dance. For example, there was what was posted by another Twitter account named @NowTheEndBegins, which certainly doesn’t sound conspiracy-theoretic, does it? It called Fallon a “FREAK SHOW: robot” in the following tweet: “FREAK SHOW: Robot Jimmy Fallon sings the XBB.1.5 COVID Variant theme song, watch him throw the Illuminati all-seeing eye sign at 0:43. We are played on all levels, get ready for rapture. #VaccineDeath #StoptheShots #COVIDTheater #XBB15 #Dystopian”

Holy smokes. Did Fallon really throw the Illuminati an all-seeing eye sign? Did we all miss it? How dare Fallon blink or move his eyes underneath The Tonight Show.

Of course, whenever someone warns about the dangers of Covid-19 or the value of Covid-19 precautions, you’re going to see a bunch of social media accounts, often anonymous, claiming that person is actually a Big Pharma puppet or shill as well. For example, a Twitter account claimed: “What is this really? This is not funny or entertaining – it’s just a puppet dancing on TV for big pharma. Super pathetic @jimmyfallon – there’s no way you’re going to look back on stuff like this down the road and be proud of it. Shameful creep.” And another account tweeted, “Wow…I can almost see the strings going up to the ceiling. Maybe @AlbertBourla will grant his wish and make him a real boy one day.” Unsurprisingly, these accounts lacked the tiny, tiny thing needed when making such claims: actual, real evidence.

These days, it shouldn’t be a surprise that Fallon got such a strong reaction. Just look at what has happened on Twitter with many of the real public health experts, doctors and scientists who have spent countless hours trying to prevent further death and suffering from the Covid-19 pandemic. They have been relentlessly attacked by what Peter Hotez, MD, PhD, dean of the National School of Tropical Medicine, has in an article in PLoS Biology called increasing anti-science aggression in the United States. Yes, today there seems to be a concerted effort to suppress scientific messages. Or a message that contains real science about the dangers of Covid-19 and the value of Covid-19 precautions like face masks and vaccines. Heck, even something as innocuous as a little song and dance about the latest Covid-19 sub-variant will get the typical anti-vaccination and conspiracy theory proliferation of song and dance like reactions.

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