CBS News poll — Americans’ view of 2023: Things are getting better, but still not great

CBS News poll — Americans’ view of 2023: Things are getting better, but still not great

The year 2023 opens with slightly better – but not good – assessments of the nation than we saw last year, tempered by pessimism on many issues.

More people say that things are going well in the country than was said at the start of 2022.

The grades for today’s economy are not good, but they are higher than before the autumn mid-term campaign. The labor market stands out as a bright spot, although concerns about inflation continue. Fewer voters think the direction of the economy will be worse than expected in October.

Americans are feeling very positive and optimistic about the fight against COVID – despite concerns among some scientists about winter outbreaks – which marks quite a change from the start of 2022.

This year offers much concern for Americans as they look ahead. They are still mostly pessimistic about the direction of the price and the stock market; on peace and stability in the world; and about the climate and the prospects for extreme weather. (And very pessimistic about American politics.)

It all adds up to this: Americans say they are about as hopeful as they are fearful.


The economy was central in the mid-term period, and ratings are higher now than before the campaign began in earnest. Especially among voters, their view of the economy is also up compared to October, during the heat of the campaign.


Things that stand out for optimism: the labor market and the fight against COVID.





Compared to last summer, ratings of the economy are up slightly among middle- and working-class Americans who make less than $50,000 in annual income, but remain negative overall. There is also a political dimension, as Democrats give better assessments of the economy than they did last year.

Today’s low view of the national economy is connected to the fact that so many people still say that they are worse off today than a year ago, and that so few people feel that they are better off.

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In summary, it’s about an even mix of emotions – hopeful and scared.


As for President Biden, his overall approval rating is at 44%, about where it has been for the past year.


This CBS News/YouGov survey was conducted with a nationally representative sample of 2,144 US adult residents interviewed between January 4 and 6, 2023. The sample was weighted according to gender, age, race and education based on the US Census American Community Survey and Current Population Survey, as well as for the presidential election in 2020. The margin of error is ±2.9 points.

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