Cafe Blinds

Cafe blinds with vertical slats considered a novelty in decorating the windows, they do not require significant financial cost, but it has a unique design. Feature systems lie in the harmonious combination of different materials. Most often it is plastic blinds in combination with various types of fabrics (tapestry, organza, velvet).

The appearance decorative ensemble is divided into two parts. Outer – made of plastic, the bottom – of the crosslinks of one or more types of tissue and applied with a special fixation member. The main advantage of the design – uniqueness. You can choose to think about layout, order it sketches of the designer, who with the help of a computer program will make the layout.

An important step in this is the decorating materials selection process. Plastic slats should not be too dense; they should be in harmony with the texture of the fabric. Construction will last longer if the materials do not choose the most expensive and exquisite. In this case, the emphasis is on their strength and lower amortization.

Cotton, linen, silk: the natural materials are suitable for a child’s room. Kitchen – fibreglass, which complies with all safety criteria.

To date, not all the stores and shops that offer vertical blinds can provide a service for the design. Independently take on such a complex job can only be a professional designer. In the absence of skills and experience in the design, you can prevent serious errors that come to nought all the efforts.

A true work of art is the café blinds which are made of wood and other materials as per requirements. There is an impressive list of positive qualities and characteristics that distinguish them on the background of cheaper counterparts:

  • Natural wood in harmony with almost any type of furniture and perfectly fit into the interior cafe, office or country house.
  • Vertical slats of wood do not attract dust and dirt. For their cleaning is usually used the vacuum cleaner with a soft brush. Special impregnation for a long time support material in ideal condition.
  • Wood and impregnating compositions are ecologically clean and are not able to have a negative impact on the health of people living in the area. For this reason, wooden blinds can be used for decorating children’s rooms and bedrooms.
  • Wooden blinds are much longer than plastic and aluminium counterparts. Modern production technologies slats, frames, and mounting structures make the material impervious to constant sunlight.
  • Vertical slats of wood have low thermal conductivity; they do not heat up and do not conduct heat into the room create. In addition, wooden construction reduces noise from entering the room.
  • Drawing on a cut tree is unique, so this window decoration is unique and original.

Café blinds are more domesticated appearance, which is why they are often found in residential areas. From them and emanates cosiness and comfort that impresses housewives. Since the cafe blinds can easily fit in any, even the most intricate interiors, the demand for them is great enough. Of course, any homemakers give preference to innovative curtains, because of a considerable stock of the numerous advantages in their arsenal.

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