Breaking Bad’s Vince Gilligan Joins TikTok, Zoomers Swarm Comments

For those of you who are blissfully unaware of the happenings on TikTok, you may know by now that Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul have recently found a new, very dedicated audience in Generation Z. But while they appreciate the work of creator Vince Gilligan just as much like as much (if not more) than their parents before them, they show this appreciation through an entirely different medium – shitposting.

Whether it’s saying Jesse Pinkman is “babygirl coded”, editing Jimmy McGill to be a cat girl, or creating Kim Wexler fancams, Breaking Bad TikTok is truly a sight to behold. And now it’s a sight that Vince gets to see for himself, as he and his team make the incredibly brave decision to create an official TikTok account—for better or for worse.


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Vince Gilligan’s first appearance on the account came via a message marking the 15th anniversary of Breaking Bad’s pilot episode, in which he thanks fans and shows off the real Heisenberg hat. But while this was pretty tame, the comments are anything but.

“Great vid Vince! When is Better Rim Kim coming out?” asks a TikTok user, speaking for the masses. And this interesting idea for a Kim Wexler spin-off is far from the only idea fans are pitching directly to Vince.

“We need Better Fuel Huell,” says one user, along with a series of angry emojis. “Cast me in Better Fuel Huell,” replies another Huell Babineaux enthusiast.

These are far from the only characters to be shown some love as well. Here is a list of just some of the other spinoff suggestions in the comments section:

  • Better Call Fring
  • Better Bust Gus
  • Elden Fring
  • Better to make breakfast
  • Better Fuck Chuck
  • Breaking Fast
  • Breaking Bad 2: Return of Flynn
  • Breaking Bad: The Rise of Heisenberg Jr.
  • Minerals (A Hank Schrader Story)

While fans don’t have burning requests for another show set in the Breaking Bad universe, they have no shortage of creative comments for Vince and crew.

“Can you make Walt and Jesse kiss!?!?!?”, says one message. “Vince where is the Waltuh Fortnite skin?” says another.

Other than that, the comments are full of viewers declaring their love for Vince – or Mr. Breaking Bad, as some call him. Luckily, the crew seems to be taking it in good spirits, even referencing the “Bravo Vince” meme in their TikTok caption.

It’s worth mentioning that TikTok is far from the only app celebrating this new wave of attention on Breaking Bad, following the Better Call Saul finale. Twitter has also been a hub of fanbase activity, with meme accounts popping up referencing both the latest and oldest episodes of the series. This in turn led to many ordering equally shitposty cameos from the cast of both shows, which can be seen in a beautifully composed collection here.

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