Apex Legends Player comes up with an interesting idea to make Sentinel better

An Apex Legends fan offers his idea for a Sentinel upgrade that will make the sniper rifle more useful in certain situations.

There are many ways Respawn Entertainment could conceivably improve Apex Legends, and a fan has an idea for a change they want to see. In 2022, several welcome changes were made Apex Legends, and it’s likely that 2023 will have at least a few of its own. Such a change could make the Sentinel sniper rifle a useful tool for breaking down doors, if the fan has his way.

The chances are the greatest Apex Legends players know the hassle of dealing with enemy players hiding behind doors. By closing one and standing directly behind it, it is possible to block the door from being opened by other players, and since doors cannot normally be destroyed by shooting them, it usually forces players to either fall back on grenades or melee attacks if they want to break through. As a result, many players keep an eye out for tricks that make it easier to break in doors Apex Legends.


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One way the game can achieve this is to give the Sentinel the ability to break doors, a suggestion made by Reddit user Lenny_72_72. In their post they asked Apex Legends community their thoughts on the Sniper Rifle being able to destroy doors when charged, similar to the buff that the Rampage LMG currently boasts. This hypothetical upgrade would only cause shots to breach a door rather than penetrate it, they said, making the Sentinel useful against the fleeting barrier without completely taking away the protection it provides to enemy players.

For some context, Rampage can enter a “Revved Up” state by consuming a thermite grenade, temporarily increasing its rate of fire and enabling it to breach doors in two shots. Sentinel, meanwhile, can be “amped”, which briefly increases damage output when a shield cell is used. With how similar the two mechanics are, Lenny_72_72 thinks it would make sense for both weapons to have the die-busting buff when charging, not just Rampage.

The general reception of their proposal has been generally positive, with many fans agreeing that the upgrade will be a welcome addition to Sentinel, as well as a balanced one. Sentinel is far from one of them Apex Legends‘ most versatile weapon thanks to its slow fire rate, but this will also ensure that a door-bursting upgrade can be useful without being overpowered, as it can give enemy players time to respond when their cover is blown to pieces.

It remains to be seen if Respawn will ever consider adding such a buff to Sentinel. However, with Apex Legends Season 16 is expected to arrive next month, players should expect new changes of some sort to be made to the game’s weapons soon.

Apex Legends is available for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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