Andy Serkis on his Luther villain: ‘I don’t think I’ve come across anything this dark in a long time’

A stand-alone movie requires a singular villain, and Luther: The Fallen Sun has just that. Yes, Idris Elba’s former DCI has gone up against a number of memorable failures over the years, but the film will turn it up a notch.

The killer – who has had room to roam while Luther has been beaten up – is millionaire David Robey (Andy Serkis), a man who taps into the zeitgeist’s fear of our technology spying on us and the potential of the dark web. Robey has tangled with Luther before and been ignored. Now using technology as surveillance, he discovers secrets that enable him to manipulate others. “If you and I had a big secret that we don’t want anyone to know, he loves the idea that he can be like, ‘I know what it is. Come over and do this for me,'” Elba explains in the new issue by Total Film (opens in a new tab).

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