Andrew Tate custody extended

Controversial internet celebrity Andrew Tate has his jail term extended as the rape and human trafficking investigation continues.

Controversial TikTok content creator and internet celebrity Andrew Tate has his prison term extended for at least another month. The former kickboxer, along with his brother Tristan Tate, will be held in prison in Romania for another 30 days, extending the brothers’ detention until at least February 27.

For those unaware of the situation, Andrew Tate’s home was reportedly raided by the Romanian law enforcement agency DIICOT on December 29, 2022, on allegations of rape and human trafficking. In the days following his arrest, authorities appear to have seized many of the self-proclaimed misogynist’s assets, including several houses and a multi-million dollar car collection.


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Specifically, DIICOT is Romania’s anti-terrorism and organized crime agency, which suspects Andrew and Tristan Tate of human trafficking and rape, although no formal charges have yet been brought against the former TikTok star or his brother. While the fact that the investigation is currently ongoing means further details are scarce, Andrew Tate has strongly denied any of the allegations. Through several tweets from Tate’s official account – although it is unclear whether it is actually him or someone tweeting for him – he says that anyone who thinks he is a people smuggler is an “idiot”.

The jail term extension comes just days after Andrew Tate lost his bid to end his remand. During an appeal, Tate’s legal team tried to convince the Romanian judge to grant him and his brother bail, on the grounds that both have young children. The team also cited Andrew’s illness, and the content creator was reportedly temporarily moved to hospital after developing potentially cancerous lung nodules. However, the courts refused them, and ordered that he be remanded in custody for the first 30 days, with today’s developments doubling his time in prison.

Andrew Tate’s extended detention is sure to be heartbreaking for his fans and friends, although one special friend plans to travel halfway around the world to see him. After learning he was one of five people put on his visiting list – and the only non-family member – prominent streamer Adin Ross plans to visit Tate in prison. The controversial Twitch streamer released a video detailing the discovery as well as he and Andrew’s friendship, praising him for handling the situation and letting Tate know he’s on his way.

Even if and when Andrew Tate ends his legal battle, he has many other battles waiting for him on the outside. Last month, KSI said he would “love” to fight Andrew Tate, as well as a possible fight with Logan Paul. However, that will likely depend on the outcome of Tate’s ongoing investigation.

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