Anacrusis is free to play for a limited time

Anacrusis is free to play for a limited time

Co-op shooter The Anacrusis from Valve writer Chet Faliszek’s studio Stray Bombay is available to play for free this weekend.

Anacrusisan early access four-player cooperative FPS with clear inspiration from Left 4 Dead, is currently in the middle of a free weekend. Getting attention for indie games is becoming increasingly challenging. Multiplayer games, especially early access games on Steam, have moved to free-to-play sessions to combine marketing efforts and testing. Anacrusis is the latest example, and one co-op players may not want to miss.

Originally launched in January 2022, Anacrusis promised to take around 9-12 months of Early Access to expand and test before fully launching. A year later and Anacrusis is still not quite ready, but developer Stray Bombay still wants to get their game in front of more people. However, Stray Bombay hasn’t spent the last year sleeping. It has released 26 different updates for Anacrusis and is now showing signs of decline. It is not entirely clear how much more of Anacrusis Stray Bombay wants to work on before it fully launches, but the game is closer to full launch than ever.


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That’s why Stray Bombay is so sure to be holding a free Steam weekend right now. Anacrusis will remain freely available for download and play until Monday morning at 10:00 PT. The entire game as it is currently available is freely available. No part of it is withheld. This is just Stray Bombay wanting more people to see what Anacrusis is about.

Included in current version of Anacrusis is four episodes of story-driven co-op action, as well as three holdout mode maps for more challenge-focused gameplay. There’s also an Infinity Pass for meta progression, a “bazillion” weapons to try out, special enemies to fight and much more to experience. Anacrusis is based on an “AI Driver” controls every aspect of the game, guaranteeing that every playthrough is a unique experience designed to be challenging, memorable and fun.

This is also described as only the “first season” of Anacrusis, a story that revolves around Nessa, Guion, Liu and Lance, who are survivors of an alien attack on a massive starship. That means there’s more of it Anacrusis coming, even after the game is fully launched. Stray Bombay clearly has big plans for Anacrusis in the future.

Stray Bombay was founded in 2019 by Chet Faliszek and Dr. Kimberly Voll. Faliszek is well known as a key writer for Valve, having worked with Portal 2 and Left 4 Dead game. Voll, who has since left Stray Bombay, built Anacrusis‘ AI driver brings the cooperative shooter to life. Try the game for free on Steam today and see if Anacrusis is as special as the players say.

Anacrusis is available in Early Access on PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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