All Will Be One suffers from massive pre-launch leaks

You may want to set the filters if you are afraid of spoilers.

Magic The Gathering Phyrexia: All Will Be One was recently the subject of a major leak. The company behind the famous franchise, Wizards of the Coast, seems to have sent boxes of Dominaria Remastered along with cards from this upcoming set. Dominaria Remastered launches next week, but Phyrexia: All Will Be One is currently scheduled for release on February 10.

The first leaks were spotted on the YouTube channel known as CastleGamesStreaming, but subsequent leaks have appeared on the popular social media platform Reddit. Players have naturally delved into the details and discovered all sorts of secrets, at least for now.


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So far, something like 70 cards from the unreleased set have surfaced, estimated to be anywhere between 12 and 25 percent of the entire collection. The leaks mean that players are now aware of the status of all 10 Planeswalkers in the collection, including whether each of them has been completed, destroyed by the Phyrexians. Players have also seen a large number of legendary creatures as well as a number of different countries due to the leak.

“So, we’ve seen almost all of the rares at this point,” pointed out Reddit user Askvo. “I think we’re at 58/60? We’ve seen all 10 gold legendaries, all rare orbs, the five unfinished Planeswalkers, the Twilight Cycle, the five swift lands, and a bunch of other assorted rares.”

This comes in the wake of news that Magic: The Gathering players have been struggling with some “release fatigue,” with lead designer Mark Rosewater saying that “if our approach is wrong, we’ll do something different.” The comment came from a blog post by Rosewater in which the designer compared the cards to a cafeteria, explaining how “laying out less food means we’re depriving some diners of food that makes them most excited to come to the buffet,” adding. that “we always try to attract new places to eat. Certain foods may make some diners taste the buffet who have not tried it before.”

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