ABC Reportedly Finds TJ Holmes Replacement Amid Rumors That He, Amy Robach Left ‘GMA3’

Pictured: TJ Holmes and Amy Robach anchor “GMA3: What You Need to Know” on September 23, 2022 on ABC.
ABC/Heidi Gutman


  • ABC is reportedly looking to make DeMarco Morgan a permanent “GMA3” co-host
  • Morgan is rumored to be replacing TJ Holmes for good amid the latter’s scandal
  • Morgan was seen at a media mixer with an ABC executive producer on Thursday

ABC may have found TJ Holmes’ replacement on “GMA3” in the wake of his scandal with Amy Robach, a report has claimed.

Undisclosed TV insiders exclusively told Page Six Friday that DeMarco Morgan, 44, may not just be a temporary co-host on the third hour of “Good Morning America” ​​amid Holmes and Robach’s hiatus.

The sources claimed that the former New York local newsman will formally replace Holmes on the show once the network and the latter have finalized his exit.

ABC “loves the job [Morgan is] does,” and “everyone thinks he’s been really good,” the insiders claimed.

International Business Times could not independently confirm the claims.

Page Six noted that Morgan was spotted with “GMA3” producer Cat McKenzie at a media mixer at Plug Uglies in New York’s Gramercy Park neighborhood on Thursday.

The outlet’s sources claimed they heard the contestants “congratulating [Morgan] and tell him a good job.”

“A lot of [people] gave him a lot of praise and he seemed very happy. He was the first to arrive and one of the last to leave, an eyewitness told the newspaper.

Morgan and Rhiannon Ally, 42, have filled in for Holmes, 45, and Robach, 49, after ABC pulled the pair from the show last month pending an internal investigation and amid rumors they were having an affair.

The married co-hosts created a huge buzz online after photos of them were leaked in November 2022. They were forced to go on hiatus following the scandal.

Recently, Us Weekly reported that the rumored couple would no longer be returning to the morning television show. The news agency cited a source who claims that negotiations are underway for their exit.

“Amy and TJ are out, a decision has been made. The network is negotiating with them about their exit deals and an announcement,” the unnamed source said.

However, an ABC spokesperson quickly shot down the claims, telling E! News that there is no truth to the report because the network has not made a decision yet.

ABC News president Kim Goodwin previously announced via a memo sent to “GMA3” staff in mid-December that Holmes and Robach would “remain off-air pending the completion of an internal review.”

Ginger Zee, Elle King, Amy Robach and Sara Haines on
From left: Ginger Zee, Elle King, Amy Robach and Sara Haines on are pictured on “Good Morning America.”
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