A desperate search is underway for a Pennsylvania mother who failed to pick up her son from a bus stop last week

A desperate search is underway for a Pennsylvania woman who went missing after police say she failed to pick up her son at his bus stop earlier this week.

Police are looking for Jennifer Brown, 43, of Limerick Township, Pennsylvania. According to the Montgomery County Attorney’s Office, she was last seen by a “friend and business associate” around 2 p.m. Tuesday.

The district attorney’s office is seeking the public’s help in locating Brown.

According to a statement released by the district attorney’s office, Brown “did not show up” to her son’s bus stop Wednesday afternoon.

“Her vehicle was parked outside her home and her car keys, wallet, purse and work mobile were found inside,” the statement said.

Brown’s personal cellphone was not found and has stopped communicating since Wednesday, according to the district attorney’s office.

Montgomery County District Attorney Kevin Steele said in the statement that “law enforcement is very concerned for the welfare of this mother,” in the statement.

Police are asking anyone with information about Brown’s whereabouts to contact the Montgomery County Detective Bureau or the Limerick Township Police Department.

Ms. Brown’s family is also offering a $10,000 reward for any information that helps locate her, according to Mr. Steel’s office.

A family spokesperson, Tiffany Baron, spoke to WPVI, a Philadelphia broadcaster, about Brown’s disappearance and expressed disbelief that she would ever leave her son.

“It’s literally like we’re living in a movie we’re watching on TV, it’s so surreal and unbelievable,” she told the broadcaster. “Jennifer would never, ever just disappear, she would never leave her son.”

Brown’s aunt, Diane Brehm, told WPVI the situation “has been a nightmare.”

“We’re really living in a movie that we’re involved in, and it’s a nightmare,” she said.

Brehm pleaded with Brown to return home and anyone with information about her disappearance to come forward.

“Jennifer, please, if you see us or hear us, please come home,” she told WPVI. “It doesn’t matter where you are … Just get home safe. And if anyone knows where she is, we’re asking you to let us know.”

Brown’s family and friends gathered outside her home Saturday night for a candlelight vigil praying for her safe return.

Mrs Baron told the broadcaster that everyone was “very much on edge, [and] very anxious.”

Police describe Ms. Brown as 5’1″, approximately 150 pounds, with brown hair and green eyes.

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