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50% per cent of Americans, today, access health-related information online using their smartphones. This enables them to understand their physical state more thoroughly than relying on their doctor’s examinations, only. Business websites, today, are shaping the way businesses operate and interact with their customers.

And having an online store can make a huge difference in your healthcare business with its up-to-date features and easy accessibility. At Proximate Solutions. We advocate having an online store for doctors, medicine companies, and almost everyone associated with the healthcare industry. Come, let’s discuss some of the key benefits that you can expect from your healthcare online store.

Online Store Purpose:

Before we go deep into the discussion that why having an online store can boost your healthcare business sales. Let’s understand the fundamental application of a store. Take it as your digital shop that remains open 24/7, unlike your physical premise. That has a specific window for business operations. With an online store for your healthcare business. You can target a wider range of markets than serving a specific segment. In other words, you can go global than targeting being national with a well-crafted online store.


Having an online store can literally set your healthcare business on the path to success. While we have unlimited benefits to suggest, we’ve selected the most prominent one. Read on and discover you’re ‘Why’ for having an online store for your healthcare business.

  • The prime benefit of your online store is the easy accessibility for your customers as they can make purchases whenever they need medicine.
  • You can keep track of their medical history from their past purchases and the information that they fill out during the sign-up process and redesign your online store accordingly.
  • You can do much more than selling medicines online. Like your customers can schedule appointments using your online store with ease.
  • With a well-designed online store, you can help your customer’s rate. Doctors, physicians and other medical personnel and forecast your future offer accordingly.
  • An online store enables you to prove your credibility with awards, certifications and licenses from various monitoring bodies that you can display on your website for the visitors.
  • Since the majority of online user access information from a mobile device, you can advantage from this user base that is increasing in number in coming months using an online store.
  • You can develop more transparent and helpful relationships with your customers using interactive messaging systems on your online store which can improve your insights as well.
  • An online store comes with various security layers against privacy breach that lets you win the heart of your customers using DDoS and SSL certificates.
  • You can welcome more patients to an interactive, online store using the best SEO practices and increase your revenue with more users on your website.

Proximate Solution promises you an interactive and SEO oriented online store. That can double your revenue and enables you to serve more patients. So, contact today and have an ideal online store designed for your healthcare business.

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