2023 Game Developers Choice Awards nominees announced

The International Choice Awards Network announces its nominees for the 2023 Game Developers Choice Awards, and the competition is fierce.

2023 Game Developers Choice Awards nominees have been announced with familiar faces leading the way. The International Choice Awards Network (ICAN) selects both the nominees and the winners. All members invited into the organization fill leading roles in various facets of the gaming industry. All the nominees have been selected from games released in 2022.

The Game Developers Choice Awards are part of the Game Developers Conference (GDC) which originally started as an informal gathering in 1988. What started with 25 developers getting together in a living room to talk about computer games is now in its 37th edition and welcomes developers from various platforms from across the industry. GDC now includes consoles, mobile and handheld devices, tablets, online and computer games, and has recently begun to expand into the world of VR and AR.


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The Game Developers Choice Awards’ Game of the Year finalists are Fire Ring, God of War Ragnarok, Immortality, Penitentiary, Strayand Tunic. Fire Ring and Stray leader in top nominations as both got 6. After them follow God of War Ragnarok with 5, among them a nomination for best narration, and Penitentiary with 4 nominations, competing with god of war for best narrative. All four are in place for best visual art. In addition to the categories best debut, best sound, best design, best narrative, best technology, best visual art, innovation award, award for social impact and game of the year, there will be an audience award decided by all these who will attend GDC and wish vote. The 23rd annual Game Developers Choice Awards are part of GDC 2023 which will be held in San Francisco from March 20 to 24. Click here for the full list of GDC Awards nominees and categories.


Among the competing games is also Poncles Vampire Survivorwhich is up for best debut and meets Angel Matrix Neon whiteGeography of Robots’ NORCOBlueTwelve Studios Stray and the TUNIC team’s Tunic. When it comes to AAA titles, Sony Interactive Horizon Forbidden West snagged nominations for Best Sound, Best Technology and Best Visual Art, competing against all of the aforementioned major nominees.

Although the categories are not as extensive as with other game awards, there are still many video games represented among the nominees. The other titles up for nominations are Metal: Hellsinger for best sound, Marvel Snap for best design, A Plague Tale: Requiem for best technology, I was a teenage exocolonist for the Best Narrative and Social Impact Award, Return to Monkey Island for best narrative and among the Social Impact Award nominees are too When dusk falls, Citizen Sleeper, Endling – Extinction is Forever, OlliOlli worldand We are OFK.

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