Electrical Cable

More than bricks, mortar, and paint, the electrical cable is a significant item that has taken over our lifestyle. Though they are not visible usually they have a very important role to play in our routine work. From providing light to our light-less facilities to connecting us to the world round the clock, an electrical cable wears various mantles to serve us, the humans. Whether your intention is to seek electrical cable for wiring or you want to use them in security or maybe communication devices, you’ll find a vast variety of electrical cable here at AGM Electrical Supplies. We’ve gathered some popular and useful electrical cable options to suggest to you in this post. Come, let’s discuss what each cable does and how benefits your construction needs.

Electrical Cable Types:

We understand your frustration and confusion when it comes to selecting the right electrical cable. We, therefore, created this handy list that will surely help you in making the right decision. As you navigate our electrical cable section and select one of the below-mentioned options:

Twins TPS Cable   Twins TPS cable offers stability and regular current flow to power circuit breakers which makes them an ideal option for heavy-duty wiring work.

SDI TPS Cable – Primarily used in networking connection. SDI (or serial digital interface) cables are the first option for conducting complex wiring for smooth signal flow between electrical devices.

Twin & Earth TPS Cable – Covered in white PVC, twin, and earth TPS cable is a common name. When it comes to residential wiring which contains insulated/uninsulated current that flows around the wires in presence of conductors.

Orange Circular Cable – When you need an electrical cable for underground wiring and duct wiring. The orange circular cable is the prime choice that comes with certain options in terms of sheath and insulation.

Flexible Multicore Cables – If you need an electrical cable for wiring in fire-prone areas or appliances. We suggest you consider flexible multicore cables due to their high insulation level as they can bear extreme temperatures.

Alarm Cable – If your search criterion includes an electrical cable for security gadgets or alarm systems. You must consider our 2, 4, and 6 core security cables that are also known as alarm cables in the market.

Garden Light Cable – As its name implies, this type of electrical cable is used for wiring in gardens. This type of wiring is mostly done underground to maintain the perfection and greenery of the garden.

Audio, Figure 8 & Security Cable – If your search description involves an electrical cable that is best suited for speakers and security devices, you must go for this product.

Telephone, Cat5e, Cat6 Communications & Data Cable – Cat5e, Cat6e, and many others are the prime option for telephone and other communication gadgets that require a cable to receive the signal.

Fire Control Cable – Fire control cable is mostly used in commercial as well as residential areas having vulnerable fire situations.

Why AGM Electrical Supplies?

AGM Electrical Supplies is one of the trusted sources of electrical supplies in Australia. Our prices and commitment to offer quality electrical products is what makes us the prime choice of our customers. Along with electrical cable, we also provide various other. Essential products such as LED downlights, switchboards, power points, and circuit breakers to meet your complex construction needs. Our interactive portal allows you to search, select, and purchase electrical products with ease.

Visit us at https://agmelectrical.com.au/ or you may call us on (02) 9745 1302for finding more information about our electrical cable and other products.

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